MeMo House by BAM! arquitectura

Located in San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina, MeMo House is featuring three-dimensional garden which connects all the architectural floors. Designed by BAM! arquitectura in 2016 for a client who is passionate about landscaping, the house measures 215m² (2,314ft²).

MeMo is a project in which the architectural path plays a decisive role, since we have to bear in mind that the habitual and occasional users are offered a sight show. Such a show is not only a fixed image, but rather a series of images that overlap, and each frame of the scene has been carefully thought. We conceive the sustainability of the project as a path, not as a goal. Hence, we base our path on the LEED standards and we incorporate the concepts of durability and economy which are fundamental in our architectural works, thus satisfying the needs of the present generation without endangering the possibilities of future generations since the impact on the environment and its inhabitants is significantly reduced.

— BAM! arquitectura

Drawings and Diagrams:


Photographs by Jeremias Thomas
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