C+C House by Studio MK27

Studio MK27 has designed C+C House. Located in São Paulo, Brazil, the project, completed in 2015, has a built area of 513m² (5,522ft²).

Mk27 projects frequently departs from only one element – defined by a single trace – to create a regular order in the plan organization. This starting point unfolds the entire architectural design.

In C+C House this element is a wall, longitudinal on the site and located near the center of the lot. The surface, cladded in slatted Freijó wood, separates front entrance from the garage; living from the kitchen and utility rooms; circulation from the social areas. Furthermore, this wall together with the surface (also covered in wood) on the eastern plot border supports the upper volume, where the bedrooms are.

This box overlays the living room void – configured as a wooden tunnel. On the white façade of the first floor, a concealed window becomes practically invisible when closed. This solution, analog to folding doors used in previous projects of the studio, reveals specially delicate because of the absence of any frame around the movable element.

— Gabriel Kogan



Photographs by Fernando Guerra
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