Romantic House by TAFF Arquitectos

Romantic House is a project designed by TAFF Arquitectos in 2019 for a family of four. Located in Cancún, Mexico, the 425-sqm (4,575-sqft) Romantic House is named after the street it is situated on and has an ideal connotation for the family who inhabit it.

The approach arises under the first conditioner, an irregular land characterized by a very narrow front access, from which the polygonal lines move away from each other; this results in an architectural solution that meets the objective of hiding the garage from the front view and allows to have a permeable facade that is sectioned into different layers.

The house starts from a central axis which orders four quadrants by the intersection of horizontal and vertical circulations, distributing to all areas.

The selection of interior materials becomes very simple by using polished concrete as the protagonist. This one takes over the house. It spreads over the walls and ceilings and allows the tropical-looking carpenter and the selection of furniture to stand out as elements of warmth evoking nature in a rustic and minimalist environment.

— TAFF Arquitectos



Photographs by César Béjar Estudio
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