Pigna | Egg-Shaped Treehouses by Architetto Beltrame Claudio

Pigna is two 35-sqm (377-sqft) egg-shaped treehouses, developed on three levels rising 10 meters (33 feet) above the ground. Located in the Italian Alps nearby Tarvisio (at the border with Austria and Slovenia), the treehouses were designed by Architetto Beltrame Claudio for an architectural competition in 2014. The project was realized a couple of years later in collaboration with DomusGaia.

In the oldest and widest forest of Italy, where the spruce trees are used to construct violins and other musical instruments thanks to the rare quality of the wood, a new addition to a mountain retreat has just opened. The project started from the desire to create a structure that is not only a refuge for man, but also a natural element of its environment, a mimesis of its surrounding. From the tree, for the tree.

— Architetto Beltrame Claudio

Process of Construction, Models, Drawings:



Photographs by Ulderica Da Pozzo, Massimo Crivellari, Laura Tessaro, DomusGaia
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