TinkerBox | Dream Retreat and Workshop by Studio MM

Set on a sloping hillside in New York’s Hudson Valley, TinkerBox is a dream retreat with a generously sized garage, a spacious wine cellar, and a furniture workshop. Marica McKeel, an architect of Studio MM, and her husband Brock built the house as own retreat from the city in 2016.

A generously sized garage is the locus of the design, generating space for car storage and maintenance as well as a spacious wine cellar and a furniture workshop. The rectangular form of the house, which is partially embedded in the hilly landscape, emerges from the lower-level garage and creates an open plan living space ideal for entertaining, relaxing by a cozy fire, and for an office studio.
The exposed beam roof structure, inspired by a workshop aesthetic, emphasizes the double story entryway that draws guests up to an outdoor fireplace and grill. Located on 10.9 acres, the project is intended to eventually become a guest house, ensuring privacy for both the clients and their friends.

— Studio MM




Photographs by Brad Feinknopf
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