Moetapu Beach House by Parsonson Architects



Parsonson Architects designed Moetapu Beach House in 2016. Sited at the bottom of a steep, winding gravel driveway on a sloping bush covered site looking out to Pelorus Sound, New Zealand, this holiday house measures 500m² (5,382ft²).

The roof form helps ‘fold’ the house into the shape of the land around a small central courtyard area. The house is laid out to provide varied accommodation, for small numbers or large groups and is laid out in a string like manner. The garage and 2 bedrooms are at the top level leading down to the living space and down further to an activity room and a variety of bedrooms opening out to a lower a lower lawn.

There is no front entry and there are several different ways to move around and through the house, both inside and out. There is a walking and quad-bike track that is an extension of the driveway that passes through the central courtyard and under an internal link-way leading to the lower lawn and jetty.

Dark vertical timber cladding and a soft grey roof help the house rest amongst the bush.

— Parsonson Architects



Photographs by Paul McCredie
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