Kol-Tzivio | Aluminum Vested Home by Studio de Lange

Located in Kfar-Shemaryahu, Israel, Kol-Tzivio was designed by Studio de Lange in 2015 for a young family of five. The total area of the Aluminum Vested Home sitting on a hilly 1000m² plot is 400m².

According to the architects,

The goal was to create a home that felt light in perception, the strategy then was to design two main masses: A ground floor white box foundation, to the 2nd story aluminum enveloped “blocks” which it supports. These top story blocks were subdivided: One towering, metallic gray square, and a second larger block that was blanketed in silvery-white natural colored aluminum.

Aluminum was used for its minimalist connotations, and choosing to coat the top story only, emphasizes the lightness of structure and its differing masses. It also allows for an endless array of light and shadow play on its metallic surfaces. The minimalist design language translated to airy spatial design, one that is uncrowded and light filled. This was facilitated by an index of natural materials such as: Exposed concrete, Terrazzo, aluminum, stainless steel, wood and plaster. These materials were used in the homes interiors and spilled out on to the surrounding grounds.

The house includes a basement floor furnished with a guest room, playroom, and a home theater. An entry floor with a living-room, kitchen, family room and study and the top floor which houses a 4 bedroom sleeping quarters complete with a master suit and terrace overlooking the grounds.



Photographs by Shlomi Amsalem
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