Sooke 01 House by Campos Studio

Sooke 01 House is a home created by Campos Studio in 2018 for a woman and her dog. Set on a rocky knoll where the forest meets the sea in Sooke, British Colombia, Canada, the house measures 1,450ft² (135m²).

The forest, a series of Douglas Fir, Sitka Spruce and Cedars trunks supporting their foliage high up in the air became our inspiration for the tectonic of the house. The house structure organized around one proportioned concrete column rising out of the floor mimics the trees trunks in size and scale. This column, along with the wood stove pipe, recreate and integrate the house with the rhythm of the forest.

When one looks up from the forest floor one becomes aware of the protection provided by the large branches that spread from the trunks of the trees with the light filtering through the dense filigree of the needles. The meandering ridge beam that branches along the main space supports a thin slat wood ceiling meant to evoke the canopy of these surrounding conifers.

The experience of the forest from the house was replicated in the house by organizing each space around a different abstracted view of the landscape. A series of forest vistas through each room present different aspects of the forest, to views of the trunks, tree canopy, shoreline, ocean and mountains. This not only serves to recreate the all encompassing forest experience but also to create a unique environment for each space in the house. A technique that creates rich variety for a small house in the woods.

— Campos Studio



Photographs by Ema Peter
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