Haringey Glazed Extension by Satish Jassal Architects

Haringey Glazed Extension is a 150-sqm (1,615-sqft) project designed by Satish Jassal Architects in 2020. The architects have renovated and extended a 19th Century Victorian townhouse in Haringey, United Kingdom, with a new glazed rear double-height extension.

Satish Jassal Architects has refurbished and added a double-height glazed and oak framed conservatory to the rear of a 19th Century Victorian townhouse located in Stroud Green’s conservation area, in the borough of Haringey. The existing building was in very poor condition with damp and sloping floors. 80% of the existing building was stripped out, reconfigured, restored and replaced. The design seeks to keep the character of original 19th Century Victorian townhouse at the same time adds a modern extension to enhance its quality.

The double-height conservatory has a transparent glass to glass corner, providing uninterrupted views of the sky. Three bespoke oak chandeliers with LED strip lights hang down into the space providing shading from the evening sunlight and illumination at nighttime. A painted steel and oak staircase cantilevers over the kitchen, and the worktops become part of the staircase. The living spaces open onto each other and onto to garden beyond.

— Satish Jassal Architects



Photographs by Ben Pipe
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