Refugio Loft by Consuelo Jorge Arquitetos



Consuelo Jorge Arquitetos designed Refugio Loft in 2019. Located in Cidade Jardim, Brazil, the loft has a total floor area of 101m² (1,087ft²).

The Loft Refúgio, signed by architect Consuelo Jorge for CASACOR São Paulo 2019, marks its 14th participation in the largest architecture and decoration show in the Americas. An interactive, cozy space to reflect, reconnect and renew the energies, a representation of the desire of modern man. A unique design, where comfort and nature meet, and well-being aligns with design, providing unique sensations in an elegant and welcoming space.

The 101m² offer a sophisticated and warm atmosphere within an integrated space. Inspired by the theme of the year, “Planeta Casa”, Consuelo sought to rescue nature in an urban retreat. Through references in natural materials such as bamboo and stone, a rereading was created to convey this sense of naturalness while maintaining elegance and enhancing, through technology, classic coatings.

The choice of coatings was guided by warm, earthy tones, in contrast to light gray as a neutral backdrop. The architecture of the environment has been fully planned to provide the occupant with a welcoming feeling, especially through the sloping lining of bamboo wood, which in addition to warming the environment causes a different aesthetic perception. The wallpaper that goes back to the concrete, as well as the carpets in natural fibers, national stones, linen fabrics, porcelain vases and clay, dialogue harmoniously with each other and with the architecture, creating an intimate space that serves as shelter and of protection, a haven for urban man feel in contact with nature.

— Consuelo Jorge Arquitetos



Photographs by Fran Parente
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