A-Frame Haus in Heber City, Utah

Set in the quiet mountains of Heber City, Utah, USA A-Frame Haus was built by current owner’s (Kara Van Dyke) grandfather in the late 80s. The retreat was meant to be a place of solitude for making music and meditate. The total floor area of the house is approximately 1,442 ft² (134 m²). In 2016, when Kara and her family inherited the home, Kara Van Dyke renovated the cabin, drawing inspiration from Scandinavian heritage. Now A-Frame Haus in Heber City can be booked on Airbnb.

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The A-Frame Haus is meant to be an homage to my own grandfather and a second home to all who enter through its doors. We feel that the best way to honor his place of solitude is to provide the same opportunity to all who seek peace in the mountains.

— Kara Van Dyke



Photographs by Kate Osborne, Rachel Clare, Rachel Humpherys
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