Ibiza Campo | Little House by Standard Studio

Standard Studio and Ibiza Interiors have transformed a 200-year old stable into a charming off-grid little house. Measuring only 45m² (484ft²), the Ibiza Campo comprises two bedrooms and one bathroom. Located in the north of Ibiza, Spain, the house was completed in 2016.

To keep the character of the original building, basic materials are used. The beautiful authentic ‘sabina beams’ have been preserved, just like the original ancient stone walls in the kitchen and bathroom. The architects only used materials that were used traditionally on the island, like the iroko window frames, concrete and white chalk plastered stone walls.

The building had been unused for years, and was in very poor condition. Therefore only the walls, and parts of the roof could remain. Electricity, water and sewage were not present, the architects had to add all these things to make it work as a contemporary home. Water comes from a private well and there are solar panels installed for hot water, floor heating and electricity. The cottage is consequently completely independent of the grid operation and is thus self-sustainable.

— Standard Studio



Photographs by Youri Claessens
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