Casa R | A Mountain Refuge by Felipe Lagos

Casa R is a 96-square-metre (1,033-square-foot) prefabricated cabin. This mountain refuge, located in the town of Vilches in southern Chile, was created by Felipe Lagos for his family in 2018.

Casa R is a holiday refuge for extreme climates located halfway up the Andes mountain, specifically at the town of Vilches, VII Southern Region of Chile. The main nearby attractions are the Pehuenche Border Crossing Trail, the Maule Lagoon, the Colbún Lake and a series of nature reserves and national parks. The land is a pronounced ravine which limits, on the north with Corel River, and on the east with the mountains. Another virtue of the area is that the place does not have close neighbors, and the land has a series of trails for trekking and outdoor sports.

— Felipe Lagos



Photographs by Felipe Lagos
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