F+G Cajititlán Terrace by Jaime Copado and Francisco Sarabia

Jaime Copado and Francisco Sarabia have designed F+G Cajititlán Terrace. Located in Cajititlán, Mexico, the project measures 130m² (1,400ft²).

According to the architects,

This project was commissioned by a couple of friends he is a businessman and musician, she is an architect and painter and their two sons, the main request was to create a DIAPHANOUS space; The lot is located in front of the Cajititlan lagoon and the Sierra San Juan Cosalá mountain range, place that turns you into a spectator of the calm of the sunrises, the constant reflections of the lagoon during the day and the spectacular sunsets of clouds and lights over the mountains.

The project respond to this ambience in the clearest and simplest way possible, with only two slabs and two volumes are created all the spaces, the first volume –STONE- contains the mechanical room and cellar, separates us from the street, its Height just enough to divide but at the same time suggests what is behind it, entering we have an inner courtyard only limited by four Willows, tree of the lagoon area, finally the covered terrace formed by two slabs, CONCRETE, floating on the ground, with glazing that allows to be totally open to see across the space, be part of the changing light of the day, be diaphanous, between these slabs the second volume, CARBONIZED WOOD, contains bathrooms and kitchen its location responds to block the light of the sunset, the columns on the opposite side lean and move to give an organic sensation like bamboo stems, for that reason they are born from the earth. In this way the project frame the view and allows to contemplate the front landscape from any point of the place.



Photographs by César Béjar
Visit site Francisco Sarabia

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