House 1 | Spacious Residence in Bali by Alexis Dornier

Alexis Dornier designed House 1 in 2015. Located in Mas, Bali, Indonesia, this spacious residence overlooking a creek, jungle and rice fields has a floor area of 450m² (4,844ft²).

Designed around a collection of three historic artifacts, the design of House 1 seeks to explore the boundaries of contemporary architecture and traditional Indonesian building styles.

Framing the carved, wooden ‘centerpieces’, once main structural elements of an ancient Javanese residential housing typology, the roof becomes the contemporary framework without actually touching or utilizing these elements.

The composition seeks to give space and wall space to an eclectic collection of art, photography, fine art, and a collection of design objects from mid century modern to traditional Balinese crafted wooden sculptures.

The suspended ceiling is made from compressed bamboo fiber, and all hard surfaces are made from polished lava terrazzo. All wooden floors are made from reclaimed teak wood.

— Alexis Dornier



Photographs by Alexis Dornier
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