DublDom 2.65 – Prefab Home in Eco-Park Yasnopole

Founded by a Moscow architect Ivan Ovchinnikov of BIO Architects, DublDom is a design-and-build company, that creates affordable, prefab modular houses. Set in Eco-park Yasnopole, Tula Oblast, Russia, DublDom 2.65-01 was commissioned by the park founder who uses it as the first model of prefab homes he is going to install in the region. The energy-efficient eco-friendly building has a footprint of 101m² (1,087ft²), while its living floor area is 65m² (700ft²). The house price starts at €56,000.

Our task was to organically enter the house in the natural surroundings, produce it in a short period time and cause minimum damage to the environment during the installation. Due to the modular technology and prefabrication it was made in a month and placed on the site in 7 days. All interior and utilities were made in the production, so after the installation customer only needed to assemble the furniture.

– DublDom



Photographs by Ivan Ovchinnikov
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