House With Two Bay Windows by D’Arcy Jones Architects



House With Two Bay Windows is a project designed by Canadian studio D’Arcy Jones Architects in 2019 for an extended family. Located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, the house has a total floor area of 2,600ft² (242m²).

This new infill project is tucked between two houses from very different eras. On the left is an original house from the early 1900’s, where one of the clients grew up. On the right is a 1980’s version of the same kind of house. This new house is both asymmetrical and symmetrical, to mesh with the adjacent architecture while being quietly modern. Square bay windows, an offset entry and a suppressed garage create a house that pinwheels around itself in plan and elevation. The interior is practical and almost rustic. Large windows, simple concrete floors and white painted millwork create an interior with a smooth ambience.

— D’Arcy Jones Architects



Photographs by Ema Peter
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