Danish Village House by Powerhouse Company

Village House is a weekend house in northern Sjælland, Denmark, built for a young family living in Copenhagen. Designed by Powerhouse Company in 2013, the Danish summer cabin consists of a series of small volumes that totals 110m² (1,184ft²).

Summerhouses are traditionally family spaces, but when children grow older they need more independence from their parents. Hence the ‘village of cabins’ organisation, with radiating individual spaces that are united in the centre. Each member of the family effectively has the option of privacy when they need it. Meanwhile a star-shaped central space, uniting the living room and kitchen, forms the shared area which nevertheless offers pockets of seclusion to spend time alone while still in the family circle.

This solution faithfully reflects the rather different desires of the family members. One wanted a picturesque, cosy and archetypal summerhouse, while another wanted a spacious and contemporary feeling. Both desires are united in the design.

— Powerhouse Company



Photographs by Åke E. Son Lindman
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