Vaulted House by vPPR Architects

Vaulted House is a diesel contaminated taxi garage transformed by vPPR into a four-bedroom family house. Located in London, United Kingdom, the house measuring 273m² (2,939ft²) was completed in 2015.

Sharply detailed vaulted roofs define different living zones on the open upper-ground floor. Roof-lights at the top of each vault flood the landlocked site with daylight. Large courtyards bring light into the bedrooms on the lower-ground floor. The roofs are covered in a striking chequered pattern of single-ply membrane. The vault geometry repeats in details of the house, including the fireplace, floors, windows and entrance.

A steel and timber frame spans off the existing walls to create the roof and floor structure. The geometry of the roof appears simple but is in fact incredibly complicated. It was modeled in 3D software to ensure that the huge steel beams were completely hidden in the crisp angled finishes inside and by the roof finishes outside.

A double-height den has access to the garden and a separate study provides acoustic privacy with a view through to the living space. A big double-sliding pocket door opens up completely, turning the dining room into a loggia in the summer.

— vPPR Architects



Photographs by Ioana Marinescu, Noel Read
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