Seachange House by Solomon Troup Architects

Designed by Solomon Troup Architects in 2017, Seachange House is a modern-day beach house located in the coastal town of Barwon Heads, Victoria, Australia.

The project provided an opportunity for a private house to engage at an urban level and explores the relationship between public and private space. The ground floor living space and upper-level windows are articulated with mechanically operable screens creating a seamlessly integrated façade. Pragmatically the operable shutters expose views to the Barwon River, control ventilation and solar access and provide privacy from the adjacent street. The screens are built using Western Red Cedar, a highly sustainable forestry product. The operability and translucency of the shutters contribute to a level of physical engagement with the street. This is amplified in the evenings when the glowing perforations animate the façade and create a playful and vibrant façade, whilst providing privacy from the street below.

— Solomon Troup Architects



Photographs by Benjamin Hosking
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