Omaha Art House by Olson Kundig

Olson Kundig has redesigned Omaha, Nebraska house for a couple who have extensive artwork collection. Completed in 2017, the Omaha Art House measures 4,990ft² (464m²).

The redesign of this Omaha, Nebraska home focused on seamlessly integrating artworks from the couple’s extensive collection. Devoted almost entirely to the work of artist Jun Kaneko, the collection includes several large-scale sculptural and two-dimensional works. The home’s design paid special attention to the relationship of Kaneko’s works both to the built environment, and to the newly integrated natural environment.

Opening up the home to the surrounding landscaping was a prime directive for the remodel, as was the desire to concentrate and simplify living spaces on the main floor. Here, the living and dining areas were brought under one pitched roof with a long skylight running down the center. Elevating the roof line and incorporating floor-to-ceiling windows in the main living area helped create a sense of transparency between interior and exterior. The main floor continues to the other side of the home with a kitchen, den and master suite. A revamped front façade creates an intriguing entry to the home, beginning a series of contemplative moments that continue throughout the house.

— Olson Kundig


Photographs by Benjamin Benschneider
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