Acoustic Alchemy by HYLA Architects

Acoustic Alchemy is a contemporary two-storey house totalling 390m² (4,198ft²). Located in Singapore, the house was designed by HYLA Architects and completed in 2008.

The living, dining and kitchen areas of this two-storey semi-detached house have been designed as one large audiovisual and entertainment space, efficiently soundproofed by double glazed sliding-folding doors. The two sidewalls that flank this space were intentionally built to taper towards the rear. This creates a slightly funnelled space that not only enhances the acoustic qualities of the room but also enables storage niches along the thicker ends of the walls to house hi-fi equipment. The client’s massive sculptural horn speakers anchor the front end of the space, and an outdoor terrace and lap pool anchor the rear. On the second storey, bedroom windows are recessed into curved walls that protrude subtly from the blank facade, recalling the form of the client’s horn speakers. A large skylight on the roof illuminates the second storey hallway glass floor and transmits light into the first storey living room as well. On the reinforced concrete flat roof, a layer of turfing efficiently insulates the house against heat.

— HYLA Architects



Photographs by Derek Swalwell
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