Lovelli Residence by Word of Mouth Architecture

Lovelli Residence is a fun and unique space owned by an Italian socialite/jewellery designer. Built on an only 300-sqm (3,229-sqft) plot in Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia, the house was designed by Word of Mouth Architecture in 2011.

The overall aesthetic of the villa is a tribute to the Mediterranean architecture that played a role in the backgrounds of both the client and Italian-born Audrito. Rounded corners are favoured over hard edges in order to infuse a softness to the imposing lines of the structure. The material palette is purposefully restrained; largely consisting of white rendered walls, polished concrete and white painted timber – all offset with an abundance of natural vegetation. The client requested that the architectural material palette be limited as much as possible to black and white (the only colours she wears). As is typical of the architecture of Word of Mouth, the colour is instead introduced in the playful interior furnishings; a combination of items selected from all over the word, and pieces designed by the practice, such as the furniture range inspired by eggs.

— Word of Mouth Architecture



Photographs by Moch Sulthonn
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