Caseta House by Lichtstad Architecten

Lichtstad Architecten has designed a new house on the site of an old holiday home, called Cassette House. Located on the island of De Burd, east of Grou, the Netherlands, the new house, completed in 2019, measures 150m² (1,238ft²).

Lichtstad Architecten has made a design for the new home, with the vast environment comes into its own even more, centainly in combination with the large windows. There is literally room for sunlight, the outside world can enter.

Three functions are central to a holiday home: sitting, cooking and eating. A separate room has been created for each function. These living areas are connected, but on different levels (split level). A pit, food at the lever of the dike & its jetty and the slightly higher cooking area gives a wide view. The resident is treated to a different view at every level. Wherever you are, the connection with outside is always strongly present.

— Lichtstad Architecten



Photographs by Basephotography
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