Hualle House by Ampuero Yutronic



Hualle House is a family home, designed by architecture and design studio Ampuero Yutronic in 2018. Located in the southern Araucania region of Chile, the house measures 230m² (2,476ft²).

Sitting on a gently sloping site in the rural foothills of the Villarrica volcano and the lake below, the house embraces this natural environment and the outstanding views afforded by its privileged setting. The two-storey building form and orientation is a response to this sloping terrain of the land and the microclimate of the area.

The house sits on the central brow of the land, taking advantage of the aspect afforded on all sides by this elevated position. Approaching by road the house appears as a prominent simple black form on the hillside, reminiscent of large agricultural pitched-roof sheds found of the area.

— Ampuero Yutronic



Photographs by Felipe Fontecilla, Javier Ampuero
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