Watermill House by Desai Chia Architecture

Designed by Desai Chia Architecture, Watermill House is a renovated traditional shingled cottage, expanded with a new addition. Located in Water Mill, NY, United States, the 3,000-sqft (279-sqm) cottage with the 1,600-sqft (149-sqm) addition was completed in 2015.

Our concept for the addition included a bold interpretation of vernacular forms and materials. The new addition offers an expressive counterpoint to the old cottage; its form is defined by a powerful, undulating, vaulted ceiling of structural framing that celebrates the living areas. The architectural language of the original cottage was refined and simplified with a new palette of details and lighting concepts to enhance the flow of light and space.

— Desai Chia Architecture

Models and Drawings:


Photographs by Paul Warchol
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