Ville-Marie Apartment by NatureHumaine



NatureHumaine has renovated an apartment situated in a 1980’s tower. Located in downtown Montreal, Canada, the project called Ville-Marie Apartment measures 1,980ft² (184m²).

The interior renovation aims to completely open a space originally partitioned and to compensate for the lack of light at the heart of the apartment.

From the entrance, the space is articulated around a reflective stainless steel block, whose reflection causes a slight distortion of the straight lines, while reflecting the light and fading in its context.

A series of oak veneered sliding panels bring a rhythm to the classic partition of the dwelling, in which rooms are distributed on either side of the corridor. The flexibility of these panels allows indirect daylight to penetrate into the corridor area and multiplies the possibilities of use of the rooms, according to the degree of privacy required. Therefore, the office occasionally turns into a second guest room.

— NatureHumaine

The dwelling before the renovation, drawings:


Photographs by Adrien Williams
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