Villa Sunnanö – Swedish Villa by Murman Arkitekter

Villa Sunnanö is a wooden barn-like house, designed by Murman Arkitekter and completed in 2015. The Swedish villa located on a north facing triangular promontory measures 322m² (3466ft²).

Connected with the water front in all directions; except on one side, due to the risk of flooding. We wanted to take advantage of the site’s unique conditions and make a dwelling with maximum contact with the surrounding nature and water but with respect to privacy. The entrance to the south welcomes the visitor as the building’s wings stretch out. The spine like upper floor forms an axis through the house. This line continues to the footbridge in the north where it connects to the lake. To reduce the scale and to allow clear definition of the functions of the building, the wings end with patio spaces that allow you to take advantage of the light and views in different directions.

— Murman Arkitekter



Photographs by Åke E:son Lindman
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