House Akerdijk by Arjen Reas

Located in Lijnden, Netherlands, House Akerdijk is a single-family house clad in black wood and metal. Designed by Arjen Reas in 2019, the house has a total floor area of 130m² (1,400ft²).

On the Akerdijk in Lijnden we have had the opportunity to develop a dyke house for a single family in a place where there is a lot of dynamism due to special views, a deep back garden and the level difference that is present because of the dyke.

By embracing the current adjacent buildings and conditions of this location, a form has emerged that radiates simplicity and focuses with two large projecting glass fronts on the water with the city of Amsterdam on the other side.

The black wooden ventilated façade in combination with a black metal roof ensures that the shape remains a whole and the large projecting windows with their reflection suit the house in an appropriate way. At the rear, the horizontality of the broad ground floor is emphasized by the large glass façade, which makes you directly part of the garden and makes the internal space feel even larger then it actually is.

The ground floor is built as a split level with an office and TV room on the dyke level and through a wide staircase you can reach the sitting area with the kitchen, where you have a view of the deep back garden with adjoining terrace.

On the first floor, the family has two kid’s rooms, two bathrooms and a large master bedroom with a view over the dike.

— Arjen Reas



Photographs by Luc Buthker
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