Hotel Tierra Patagonia by Cazú Zegers Arquitectura

Located on a 70-hectare (173-acre) lot at the entrance of “Torres del Paine” National Park, Chile, Hotel Tierra Patagonia with a built surface of 4,900m² (52,743ft²) was designed by Cazú Zegers Arquitectura and completed in 2011.

The water acts as a supporting plane for the splendid Paine massif. Its magnificence makes one think of an extended project in dialogue with the vast territory.The form seeks to merge with the metaphysical landscape, not to interrupt it. The shape of the hotel is reminiscent of an old fossil, a prehistoric animal beached on the shore of the lake, not unlike those found and studied by Charles Darwin. The building is as though born out of the land, like a fold in the terrain that the wind has carved in the sand. It is anchored to the ground with stone slopes and is completely covered in washed Lenga wood paneling. This finish gives the hotel a silvery sheen, typical of old wooden houses worn away by winter. The spatial solution aims for warm and cozy spaces structured by internal pathways, allowing the building to inhabit its extension.

— Cazú Zegers Arquitectura



Photographs by Pía Vergara
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