Big Cabin | Little Cabin by Renée del Gaudio

Big Cabin | Little Cabin is a family residence in Fairplay, Colorado, composed of two cabins connected by an outdoor deck. Designed by Renée del Gaudio in 2017 Big Cabin | Little Cabin is nested on the edge of a 10,000-foot-high cliff overlooking panoramic views of mountains and a river. The total floor area of the cabins is 2100ft² (195m²).

The word “cabin” conjures up a variety of romantic images — a place to gather family, to rest after a long day in nature, or to warm your hands in front of a fire. Ultimately, a cabin tells a story of it’s particular place and time in history, and of the people who dwell inside. Big Cabin | Little Cabin strives to embody the character and sensation of a traditional cabin, and tell the story of one particular family, all within a purely modern framework.

— Renée del Gaudio



Photographs by David Lauer Photography
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