Tucson Mountain Retreat by DUST

Designed by American studio DUST in 2012, Tucson Mountain Retreat is an experiential rammed earth residence. Located within the Sonoran Desert in Tucson, Arizona, the project has a total floor area of 3,640ft² (338m²).

The home is primarily made of Rammed Earth, a material that uses widely available soil, provides desirable thermal mass and has virtually no adverse environmental side effects. Historically vernacular to arid regions, it fits well within the Sonoran Desert, while at the same time it embodies inherent poetic qualities that engage the visual, tactile and auditory senses of all who experience it. The program of the home is divided into three distinct and isolated zones; living, sleeping, and music recording/home entertainment. Each zone must be accessed by leaving the occupied zone, stepping outside, and entering a different space. This separation resolves the clients’ desired acoustic separation while at the same time, offers a unique opportunity to continuously experience the raw desert landscape.




Photographs by Jeff Goldberg/Esto
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