Cottage in the Vineyard by Ramón Esteve Estudio

Cottage in the Vineyard is a Spanish countryside retreat measuring 415m² (4,464ft²). Located in Fontanars dels Alforins, Valencia, the house was designed by Ramón Esteve Estudio in 2017.

The geometry consists in mapping the line edge that defines the traditional house to extrude it after, forming an envelope under which will be developed throughout the project. That line-concept, turned into a long concrete shell that organizes the dwellings ́ program and is crossed transversely by the rooms materialized as pine wood containers.
The project seeks the maximum integration landscape and environment, due to the location of the border between an area of pine forest and the fields.

— Ramón Esteve Estudio

Drawings and Models:


Photographs by Mariela Apollonio
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