Cork Oak House by Hugo Pereira Arquitetos

Cork Oak House is a single-family house designed by Hugo Pereira Arquitetos in 2020. Measuring 330m² (3,552ft²), the house is situated in an area of natural protection, due to the existence of several cork oak trees, in Celorico de Basto, Portugal.

The objective of the project was the construction of a single family house on a plot of extraordinary morphological characteristics, which remained almost intact and unchanged. The land, with approximately 12 thousand square meters, is located in an area of natural protection due to the existence of several cork oak trees, where the implantation of the house allowed the maintenance of all the existing trees.

The development of this project took into account the strong relationship with nature, making it an integral part of the house and a key element in the enhancement of interior spatiality. The natural environment and the panorama that is enjoyed were the decisive elements for its construction.

— Hugo Pereira Arquitetos


The Photographer’s Website: Ivo Tavares Studio.


Photographs by Ivo Tavares Studio
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