Chacala House | Rest House in Mexico

Designed by Estudio Macías Peredo and CoA Arquitectura in 2014, Chacala House is a rest house that featured a palapa. Located in Chacala, Mexico, the house has a total floor area of 375m² (4,036ft²).

The project was a rest house which includes the social areas and master bedroom on the ground floor overlooking the sea, four bedrooms to accommodate a family in each, and service areas.

A huge fig tree, a palm tree and visual openings to the sea were the conditioning for the house.

The palm serves to confine a courtyard entrance where vegetation dialogues with the apparent structure, they welcome and announce what will be the theme of the whole house: a grid of columns and beams like an skeleton that modulate, order, delimit and qualify the different spaces.

The main enclosure conforms a palapa that houses open living and dining room, adjoining a pool that serves the auction house, which dilutes its border with the ocean horizon is located.

The palapa is complemented on one side by a patio deck on the axis marked by the fig tree, which is followed by another backyard that introduces light and vegetation to the family room area. The bedroom is located at the beginning of the same axis, and through the sequence of courtyards, you also enjoy the scenery without losing your privacy.

— CoA Arquitectura

Drawings and Models:


Photographs by Francisco Gutiérrez Peregrina, Onnis Luque, Jaime Sicilia
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