CM House by Además arquitectura

CM House is a home designed by Además arquitectura in 2018 for a family of four. Located on a 1,400-sqm (1,5070-sqft) plot in Canning, Buenos Aires, Argentina, the house has a total floor area of 387m² (4,166ft²).

The initial request of a traditional hip-roofed volume turned into two separated ones where the “roof” and the “walls” merge into the same element.

The overall concept of the house attempts to discuss pre-established statements, not only regarding its elements such as “floor”-“wall”-“roof” but also about traditional programatic configurations. Rethinking the position of the “quincho”, tipically detached from the house, as well as the connection between the public and private areas. This different programatic spaces are combined and splitted suggesting non-traditional layouts are also possible. This idea of fragmentation increases the connection between inner and outer spaces throughout the house.

By opening the volume a void is created, the inner patio, which acts as the first instance of the promenade brings the sorrounding landscape into the house. Once inside, a big, homogenous space contains the kitchen, the dinning and the living space all in one. The high and pitched ceiling makes reference to the outer form. A glass corridor that drives through the access patio is the nexus between the “quincho”, the loundry and the gym spaces. The staircase, stroked by a cenital light leads to the private areas: on one hand the main bedroom, which overlooks to the golf court and on the other, two bedrooms that dialogue with the street and the inner patio.

Both volumes that remind the archetypical form, are cladded with just one material, travertine, enclosing a solid and simple way of living.

— Además arquitectura

Models and Drawings:


Photographs by Gonzalo Viramonte
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