Huiini House | Container House by S + Diseño

Located in the Primavera forest, Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico Huiini House is a place of retreat for a recently retired single woman with adventurous ideas. The total area of the house made of four containers of 30m² (323ft²) each, is 120 m² (1292ft²). S + Diseño designed the shipping container house in 2013.


According to the architects,

The client calls for the project as “stacked boxes” as she does not live with curves or inclined ways, hence arises the idea of the house-container.

The containers have many advantages such as the recycling of the structure, speed of construction, transfer once built if changing the location of the project is necessary, as the project is modular it can be expanded, etc.

Among the challenges are, temperature control (in this case the project was left with longer facades north-south), the entire interior is lined with thermal acoustic insulation, not only for warmth but also for cold. The constant movement of the metal with the temperature change and noise in the rain.

It also has passive heating systems and soon it will have solar cells. A smart way to recycle through a piece called home.



Photographs by Mito Covarrubias
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