Summer House in Dalarna – Triangular Villa by Leo Qvarsebo

Summer House in Dalarna is a triangular villa, located in rural Sweden. Designed by Leo Qvarsebofor for himself and his children the house measures 90m² (969ft²). Described by the architect as “a bit like a treehouse for adults”, it allows the sloping facade to become a climbing wall.

Large picture windows frame views over the landscape, while the front of the building opens out to a generous terrace featuring enough space for sun loungers and a frame for two swings. There is even a rope connected to the peak of the roof so that residents can climb up the slope of the facade. The triangular profile creates a hierarchy of spaces inside the split-level structure. At the bottom is a spacious living room and kitchen, while rooms on the upper levels become increasingly compact and intimate.

— Leo Qvarsebo

Drawings and Models:


Photographs by Åke E:son Lindman
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