Medlin Residence by in situ studio

US architecture firm in situ studio designed Medlin Residence in 2015. Located on a very constrained site in the suburbs of Raleigh, North Carolina, this four-bedroom house measures 3,743ft² (348m²).

Our clients approached us to design a four bedroom house with generous public spaces connected to the outdoors on a very constrained site in the first-ring suburbs of Raleigh. The site is long in the north-south direction, and slopes down to the street towards the north. A stream cuts across the northern portion of the site, near the street, and the associated buffer prevents construction on the front half of the property. The extreme topography of the south end of the site prevents the house from being too far back on the property.

Our design response is a compact L-shaped scheme that creates a courtyard between the house and hillside. Because of the tight footprint, not all public spaces are able to fit on the ground level. Therefore, we have located an informal den space on the upper level, and a stair connecting the living room to this den dominates the expression of the front elevation. Despite large openings to the exterior throughout the public spaces, the design affords privacy within.

— in situ studio



Photographs by Richard Leo Johnson / Atlantic Archives
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