La Colombière | Dovery | Forest Refuge by YH2

Perched in the forest in Sutton, Canada, La Colombière is a refuge reminding us of bird huts. Initially built as a storage space by its first owner, a lumberman, the modest building was converted into a small cabin by its next owners. Designed by YH2 in 2015 the cabin measures 1300 ft² (120 m²).

In an attempt to preserve the surrounding nature, the footprint of the building remained untouched. This new phase inspired itself from the natural growth of trees. The link of the tree/house to the soil remains the same while growing vertically and developing an aerial volume reminiscent of tree canopies.

By following such principles, the extension was done without any trees being cut or heavy machinery, which could have spoiled the natural environment offered by the forest.

— YH2

Drawings, models, and the property before renovation:


Photographs by Francis Pelletier
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