Butterfly House by Feldman Architecture

Butterfly House is a 2,900-sqft (270-sqm) retreat divided into three pavilions. Located in the Santa Lucia Preserve, near Carmel, California, USA, the house was designed by Feldman Architecture and completed in 2015. Landscape architecture is by Bernard Trainor of Ground Studio.

Sitting lightly on the land, the house is divided into three pavilions that are topped by expressive butterfly roofs. Each pavilion has a separate function: the central pavilion houses the main living, dining, and cooking spaces, while two other pavilions provide for sleeping, bathing, and relaxing. The structures are modest in size, yet each expands into an outdoor room that opens up to dramatic views of the canyon below and hills above.

Beyond poetic gesture, the butterfly roofs bring in views of the surrounding hills, expand the main living spaces into the outdoors and also harvest rainwater. Water, an increasingly limited resource, is celebrated throughout the design. Each roof funnels water to a rain chain fountain and into landscape collection pools, which then gather in cisterns where it is stored and used to irrigate the landscape. In addition, the pavilions were sited to allow storm water to flow under the office bridge during the rainy season and seep slowly into the ground in the main courtyard.

— Feldman Architecture

Drawings and Models:


Photographs by Joe Fletcher Photography, Jason Liske
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