Single-Family Home in the Costa Brava

This single-family home with an astonishing view to a coast bay is placed in the heart of the Costa Brava, Catalonia, Spain. Dosarquitectes designed it in 2014.

The challenge was to fit a big program in a volume with some formal contrast with the nature of the place. So we propose some cubes placed as if they were randomly thrown, like if they were fallen from the sky, but finally they really derive from the fan-shape of the plot.
Those cubes have the same size: 7 by 7 meters. They are absolutely open by one side, in order to have the sea views and the best solar orientation, even that they are protected by those very special big blinds (operated by hydraulic system). The situation and position of those cubes project the directives of the rest of the levels of the house.
Under levels have been integrated in the field with a big spaces opening to the sea. Ground floor that is the main level is situating the most important used pieces in open and direct connection with the outside terraces, swimming-pool and gardens. Three patios help to increase natural lighting and ventilation of this level.

— dosarquitectes



Photographs by Simon Garcia
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