Renovation of a Holiday House by Dehullu Architecten

Located in Villers-en-Fagne, Belgium this Renovation of a Holiday House is designed by Dehullu Architecten and built in 2015.

According to the architects,

The quality of the existing dwelling consists not only of the building itself, but also of the surroundings and orientation. On renovating the existing building the architects worked with local materials to stay as close as possible to the original design. Logically the main living room was relocated in an extension oriented on the beautiful surroundings of the small and rural town of Villers-en-Fagne. This extension was conceived in a delicate and quite sober structure. The living area is suspended between the two slabs of roof and floor. The connection with the terrace and the green and hilly surroundings is optimized for a relaxing and enjoyable stay.



Photographs by Dennis De Smet
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