QP House by comoVER Arquitetura Urbanismo

QP House is a home, designed by comoVER Arquitetura Urbanismo in 2016. Located in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil, the house has a total floor area of 353m² (3,800ft²).

The QP House design aims at the harmonic relation with it’s terrain: the ground floor plan allows a full longitudinal area to be free, accommodating the garage, balcony, swimming pool and garden, with an unusual and fantastic free space, when compared to the same site typology, common in similar dwellings. The built floor plan offers natural light, ventilation and visuals of the entire terrain through sliding glass panels, which, when totally opened, integrates internal and external spaces in a singular manner, only possible in warm and sunny Brazilian weather.

— comoVER Arquitetura Urbanismo



Photographs by Manuel Sá
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