Urban Barn by Lance

Lance has completed the Urban Barn of 2,700ft² (251m²) situated on a 2-acre (0.8-hectare) lot surrounded by natural aspen groves in the heart of the Bow Valley, Alberta, Canada.

This urban barn design has been crafted with care and is entirely off grid. The home design began with a focus on green building. Everything from the location of the home on it’s 2 acre lot, positioned deliberately to take advantage of the sun, to the last finishing details, selected for their low environmental impact and durability, everything was chosen to build a better home for a better environment. The home owners enjoy a living space that is dependent only upon itself and nature. Their energy network combines 10 KW of solar production and battery storage to support 2 full days of power. To provide peace of mind, the system also incorporates a 10 KW propane generator back-up. All possible gaps in power production have been assessed and additional system back ups have been added to ensure that even on a snowy winter day or a cloudy spring morning, the owners will have all of the power needed to live comfortably.

The exterior finishing reflects a commitment to durability and materials were all sourced locally. Industrial grade metal siding promotes longevity and truly showcases the beauty and simplicity of the urban barn design. Offering more than aesthetic appeal, this cladding system is non-combustible,100% recyclable and ZERO maintenance. Behind that robust exterior, is spray foam insulation. The added R-value, in coordination with in-floor heating and a high efficiency boiler were designed to produce heat in the winter and release it in the summer. Self opening/closing sky lights were added to maintain comfort, with built in moisture sensors, they close automatically to prevent water damage if a rain shower blows in.

The engineering, off grid production and servicing of this beautiful 4 bedroom home, is user friendly. Beautiful finishing features custom cabinets, energy efficient appliances and fixtures. Comfort and space is abundant in this home and it’s surrounding greenery. An acreage property, within an hour of the mountains and minutes from both the Bow and Elbow rivers. Live and breath in your surroundings, knowing you’ve made a difference.

— Lance


Photographs by Lance
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