Pool House by Robert Young Architects

Robert Young Architects have designed Pool House, located in Amagansett, New York, USA. According to building codes in the Hamptons, the pool house contains only 200ft² (18.6m²) of interior space.

A lot of design projects start with problem-solving, and this pool house, on Long Island’s East End, was no exception. Building codes in the Hamptons specify that a pool house can only contain 200 square feet of interior space. Here, the interior section — maxing out at exactly 200 square feet, and enclosable by folding doors — was carefully crafted to maximize the space: it contains a kitchenette, bathroom, day bed and chair. A trellised area, designed for lounging and relaxing, connects it to a garage, where this family keeps all their beach-going essentials, from surfboards to Jeeps. Natural elements, from marble to bluestone to wisteria vines, connect the space to its environment.

— Robert Young Architects



Photographs by Frank Oudeman
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