Perspektivenweg | The Path of Perspectives by Snøhetta

Snøhetta designed Perspektivenweg or The Path of Perspectives in 2019. Designed for the Nordkettenbahn cable railway, the project consists of a series of ten architectural elements along the panorama trail in the alpine landscape of Innsbruck’s Nordkette mountain range, Austria.

The Nordkette is the southernmost mountain chain in the Karwendel, the largest mountain range of the Northern Limestone Alps located just north of the Tyrolean city of Innsbruck. The Hungerburg and Nordkette funiculars bring visitors directly from the city center to the Seegrube cable car station at 1,905 meters above sea level, where the Path of Perspectives unfurls in breathtaking alpine surroundings. Here, the 2.8-kilometer meandering panorama trail and its individual elements entice visitors to take a stroll up its 142-meter elevational change.

Along the path, the subtle architectural interventions blend seamlessly into this spectacular landscape, offering visitors an opportunity to experience the staggering vistas of the alpine landscape from different perspectives. Every element, from the benches to the viewing platform, marks a unique point along the trail or serves as a meeting point.

— Snøhetta



Photographs by Christian Flatscher, Innsbrucker Nordkettenbahnen / Quirin Müller
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