Mill Valley Guesthouse by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects

Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects has designed Mill Valley Guesthouse. Sited at the top of a steeply sloping lot in California, the United States, the guest house encompasses 640ft² (59m²).

This 640 square foot guest house is designed to serve multiple generations and functions: a guest room for visiting parents and friends, a media room, and a hangout space for teenage children. The porch and media room are situated on the more open side of the site and the guest room is tucked into the trees.

The flat roof punctuated by round skylights extends the dappled light of the surrounding tree canopies over the expansive porch and indoor spaces. Wood siding lets the walls blend in with the trees while the porch ceiling and skylight pattern become a playful façade as seen from the house and backyard below.

The porch, cool roof, closed cell insulation, LED lighting and a high efficiency boiler keep the energy loads minimal exceeding Title 24 by 33%.



Photographs by David Wakely
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