InBetween House by Koji Tsutsui Architect & Associates

Koji Tsutsui Architect & Associates has designed Inbetween House, set on a sloped site amongst Japanese larch trees. Located in a mountainous region outside of Tokyo, in Karuizawa, the home consists of five single pitched roof cottages. Totalling 178m² (1,916ft²), the house was built in 2010.

The house sits on an artificially leveled area of the site created thirty years ago and left unused. Since the client wanted a house seamlessly blend into the natural surrounding, topography and local culture, we designed this house as a collection of small mountain cottages. It consists of five single pitched roof cottages that are clad in the local larch wood siding. Rather than using a complex construction technology, it is built in a traditional Japanese wood construction method so that local builders can skillfully craft each structural wood member.

— Koji Tsutsui Architect & Associates



Photographs by Iwan Baan
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