House 304 | Compact Home by KIENTRUC O

Designed in 2014 by KIENTRUC O House 304 was completed in 2015. Located in Saigon, Vietnam, this compact home is only 3.5 m x 12 m in size, while the building area is 179 m².

In this house, we want to provoke an honest living experience for a young family living in a typical urban Vietnamese townhouse. Only 3.5mx12m in size, single façade facing an open street, the design context poses challenges to create a casual, well ventilated, and well lit space within a constrained building footage. Vertical expansion of the light well helps to maximize the desired spatial quality and conditions, while provoking a sense of openness and connectedness to nature as it open up to the sky.

House 304 is a combination of simple spatial functionality, contemporary materials, structure and construction methodology. Finishes with everyday material, white wall and timber, the focal point of the house is the interplay between light and nature. Airy, open, and provides uninterrupted view both inside out, and outside in, the residence still possess a sense of private and secure when needed.

Thus, the house is a pure representation depicting the life of a young Vietnamese family, that is straight forward, authetic and contented.




Photographs by Hiroyuki Oki
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